Thanet population

The most accurate information comes from the ten-year Census of all households in the country. For years in between censuses, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) issues an annual 'mid-year' estimate of previous year population.

Why is population important to Thanet District Council?

All planning of future public resource allocations is affected by population characteristics. For example, population is used in national government calculation of money grants to local authorities.

What is Thanet’s population?

The rounded 2012 mid-year estimate of the Thanet population is 135,700. The age and gender distribution is shown below.


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Thanet Population Profile

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Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS) The data will be updated in July each year.

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How many people live in my ward?

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Kent County Council ward profiles contain the most recent population figures. Cancel out of the log-on, click on Population, then choose Thanet and your ward.

What proportion of the Thanet population are children?


How many retired people live in my area?

Office for National Statistics Site: download the Population Estimates Analysis Tool – Mid 2010

How many people are moving into and out of Thanet?

Kent County Council information on population change in Kent

How long do Thanet people live?  By how much do Thanet women live longer than men on average?

Office for National Statistics - Life Expectancy at Birth

What is the ethnic mix in Thanet?

Kent County Council - Profile of Kent residents by race or ethnic group

How is the population expected to change over time?


How does Thanet's population compare to other parts of Kent?

Office for National Statistics - Sub National Population Projections from 2010-2035. Use Table 2c, and scroll down to Thanet.

Why is Kent’s population growing?      

Kent County Council - Population Change: What's causing Kent's population growth?  

How is migration affecting population?  Kent County Council - click on migration indicators in Kent bulletin

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General Sources

General sources access notes

Office for National Statistics

The ONS People and Society: Population & Migration information  has over 30 topics with census figures from 2001 and 2011.

Kent County Council Research Unit

Kent County Council - Analysis and explanation of a whole range of public data

The Migration Observatory The Migration Observatory - allows users to create their own charts to show migration patterns